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Advisory Services

Corporate governance is a very complex and evolving subject that require the Board to be abreast with latest tools, thinking and developments. Organisations require development and regular review of governance instruments. New practices and the ever-changing business environment require regular interaction between decision makers and independent professionals. IoD Lesotho provides timely interventions to Boards and organisations in order to keep them relevant to the twenty first century business environment. However, IoD Lesotho does not provide advisory services during litigation or disciplinary actions against an employee, a Board Member or a shareholder.

Board Evaluation Services

Regular and informed Board Evaluation is critical for the success of any Board. IoD Lesotho helps in the development tailor made evaluation tools and their implementation. Board Evaluation can cover individual Directors, the entire Board and/or Board Committees.


IoD Lesotho is a leading advocacy platform for incorporation of corporate governance principles in national laws and company policies. This involves developing corporate governance standards addressing the needs and cultural context of Lesotho. Regular review and analysis of government laws, regulations and policies to ensure that they embrace universal corporate governance principles and Lesotho’s context.